Bullying in the Hallways?

Kaley Bush

In the world of high school, some kids love to take bullying to an extreme. They even go so far as to vote someone onto homecoming court as a joke.  While Bob Jones hasn’t had any extreme incidents of bullying, some high schools haven’t been so lucky.  Huntsville City Schools had a recent incident of bullying at Butler High School, which prompted media attention and parental meetings with the board of education.

In another incident, some students in the sophomore classat Ogemaw Heights High School in West Branch, Michigan, decided to vote for someone who wasn’t as popular on the court as a joke. Whitney Kropp was that someone.

Whitney told news stations that she spent the night in tears and almost took her life that night. Why do students like to take bullying so far? Do they not think of the potential consequences they could cause?

As much as people preach about bullying, some students don’t understand the severity of it.  This is not the only bullying incident. All high schools all over the world have bullying, and students may not even realize they’re behaving like bullies.

Robin Dauma, a teacher, says, “Personally, as a teacher, I see the toll of bullying every day in the hallways and classrooms at my school. I read narratives and hear personal stories from students who just need to talk to someone about something going on that involves bullying. The cycle is unending, unfortunately.”

Whitney’s community came together to support her through this ordeal.  There was even a “Support Whitney Kropp” Facebook page that gathered more than 100,000 likes.  They contributed funds for a limo, dress, shoes, hair, makeup, and nail appointments.  She is going to attend her Homecoming to prove to the bullies she’s not going to be treated as a joke.

Sheila Hadden, who is also a teacher, says, “Making fun of someone who is different behind their back is not very different than making fun of them to their face. It still perpetuates the idea of difference and intolerance. I have seen this happen, and it often surprises me that it is not only kids but also adults who perpetuate these ideas and actions.”

Students need to be more aware of the consequences.  Those who step up and help can make a big impact on everyone.  Students who are bullied are encouraged to notify a teacher, an administrator or counselor, or even a Peer Helper.  If students witness bullying, they are also encouraged to report incidents.