The Rise of Alcohol Related Deaths


A red solo cup is a staple at high school parties.

Kayla Wilson, Writer

At what point is your life in danger from alcohol consumption? As MSN reports, on a typical Football night, three soldiers were drinking and watching a big game. When Pfc. Isaac Young got a bad case of the hiccups, suspect Pfc. Patrick Myers pulled out a gun to try and scare the hiccups out of him. Apparently he thought the gun had dummy rounds in it, and proceeded to shoot Young in the face. The gun didn’t have dummy rounds in it.

WhileLawrenceis being charged with manslaughter, this is only one in a million cases having to do with death caused by alcohol consumption.  As anti-drinking studies show, in 2010 278 fatalities with drunk drivers occurred inAlabama, with forty of those being underage. Even inMadison, there have been 384 alcohol related car crashes over the years, with eighteen of these being fatal.

That is an example of just one of the ways that alcohol has caused lives to end.  WithMadisonexpanding so quickly, the number of alcoholic accidents is going to rise with the population. So why does alcohol cause so many deaths?  Alanis Craig, student atBobJonesHigh school, for her opinion on what makes people drink and proceed to do dangerous things: “The idiots want a thrill. They think, ‘Oh, I am not like everyone else! I can hold my liquor. I am a manly man!’  But they are not. They are just narcissistic egotistical jerks who have a god complex.”

While this is just one opinion, what precautions should be taken to prevent fun nights from turning into horrors like this?