Help Find Kures for Our Kids


The R-KIDs logo that will be on the free t-shirts

David Gunther, Editor-in-chief

In a building only seven minutes from our high school, a company is revolutionizing medicine as we know it.  You may not be aware of the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, a non-profit company in Huntsville, but its work is changing the world

The company studies genes to treat and cure hundreds of diseases and disorders.

HudsonAlpha is conducting research to identify the genetic cause of childhood disorders using new technologies to study DNA.  The research hopes to explain why some children have problems with the development of their brain and body.

This project is going to save lives.

We have started an event called Run to Kure Infant Disorders (R-KIDs) that will benefit  HudsonAlpha’s life-saving project.  I urge you to sign up to participate in the one-mile fun run/walk or the 5K run.

The R-KIDs race is on November 23rd and will take place at the Madison City Schools Stadium.  The registration fee is only $20 right now, but the fee will rise to $25 in the coming weeks.  You can register here.  All participants will receive a free R-KIDs t-shirt and free refreshments.  There are a couple of different types of t-shirts.  Those who register earlier will get to choose the t-shirts they want.

Fleet Feet Sports is sponsoring the event.  Jill Koch, the marketing manager of Fleet Feet, thanks us for “asking Fleet Feet to sponsor the race.”  She and Fleet Feet support events like R-KIDs because they are good for the community.

I Love Sushi and AEgis are also sponsoring the R-KIDs event.

Stuart Slayton, a senior at Bob Jones, plans to participate in the R-KIDs one-mile run/walk on the 23rd.  “I like running, but I really love supporting good causes,” Stuart said.  “I’m looking forward to running in the race because I know I’ll be helping others.”

Even if you don’t feel like running/walking in the event, you can still help.  Please donate to the project here.  Any donation is greatly appreciated. 

Please visit to learn more about this life-saving project. 

Donate to R-KIDs here.  Register for R-KIDs here.