EdCamp for Everyone


Photo from EdCamp Facebook Page

EdCamp supervisors preparing for EdCamp 2014.

Kaley Bush, Writer

Every kid has memories of having fun at camp and playing games with all the kids. Now it’s time for the teachers to go to camp. EdCamp.

“EdCamp is one of the most powerful learning experiences I have experienced as an educator. Being able to choose things I need to improve or just things that make learning and teaching fun brings joy to the work we do as educators. Learning should be fun—and EdCamp is fun!”  stated Alyson Carpenter.

EdCamp is professional development for teachers that is not only done in Madison City but also nationwide.

Teachers sign up to be presenters on the day they choose and present chosen information they want to further educate other teachers on. This is Madison City’s second year hosting an EdCamp, and it will take place at James Clemens High School on February 1, 2014.

EdCamp is a chance for everyone to learn. Teachers can learn from other teachers, and teachers can learn from students.

This year, a group of Bob Jones students will be doing a presentation on infographics for everyone. Lauryn Rody, Casey Marley, Nkechi Nnorom, Jade Chambers, and Madelyn Wong have prepared a presentation to show in front of their teachers and peers.

“EdCamp allows teachers to choose the direction of their professional development. We get to choose the sessions that interest us, and we get to present on topics that are interesting to our co-workers,” explains Angie Bush.

As of Januay 15, tickets are sold out. However, Madison City Schools teachers who still want a ticket will have one released to them if they get in touch with an organizer as soon as they can.

Angie Bush, Carmen Buchanan, Jackie Flowers, Amy Thaxton, Missy Coman, Alyson Carpenter, and Joan Comer are the organizers responsible for putting this big event together.

The whole day is filled with fun instruction and a chance for teachers to broaden their knowledge, and students are encouraged to come for the day to watch presentations. Door prizes from Apple TVs to Chick-Fil-A gift cards will be offered.

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Those seeking information can also find more by searching #edcampmadisonal on Twitter.