Internet Explorer Dead!


Donald Rizzardi and Arron Grenier

As Microsoft approaches release date for Windows 10, there have been many questions. One of those question have been “What is going to happen to Internet Explorer?”  On January 21, Microsoft announced that they will be replacing Internet Explorer. They plan on replacing it with the new and improved Microsoft “Spartan.” Although they have not come up with a final name for it yet, they have confirmed that they are dropping the Internet Explorer name completely. The new browser Spartan, will introduce a whole new layout, giving it a similar feel to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This will also bring forth a greater speed than the slow performance that Internet Explorer is infamous for.

 Where some people are celebrating the death of Internet Explorer, others do not feel the need to send it off on such a bad note. Jensen Smith, a Junior at Bob Jones, said, “There is no reason to replace Internet Explorer. People are just going to install Google Chrome or Firefox on their machine anyways. Internet Explorer really isn’t THAT bad either.” Still, many people all over the internet are rejoicing the sudden death sentence of the browser. Chris Lee, a Junior at Bob Jones, had this to say, “Internet Explorer is terrible. It’s too slow and is not user friendly at all.”

 But what does this mean for Madison City Schools? The VMWare has Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox installed onto it currently, with the Macs already having Safari and Chrome pre-installed onto the machine. Will they keep Internet Explorer, or replace it with the superior Spartan?

For the past 20 years, Internet Explorer has been the choice browser for people above the age of 50. Internet Explorer has had a very bad reputation over the past few years. With slow speeds and horrible interface, Internet Explorer 6 started the now famous trend.  With this death, and the birth of Spartan, Microsoft hopes hopes to get their new internet browser back on the front lines. Will they be able to fight off the browser giants of Google Chrome and Firefox? Only time will tell.