Is Greek Life the Elite Life?

Jeneva Salter and Delaney Mayer

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Is Greek Life really the Elite Life?

Many people may be asking themselves this due to the recent media coverage of Oklahoma state’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s chant. In fact there have been many fraternities and sororities in the news lately. But is this really a new thing? Research shows it’s not.

While it’s usually fraternities that make headlines, sororities have as well. Penn state’s chapter of Chi Omega was recently shut down after a picture of a Halloween party circulated online. All the members exploited stereotypical Mexican garb by wearing sombreros, ponchos, and fake mustaches holding signs that read: “Will mow grass for weed and beer!” and “ I don’t cut grass I smoke it.”

When asked how she felt about the recent acting out of the sorority Chi Omega at Penn State, Hannah Drury a senior cheerleader at Bob Jones High School responded,“I believe that some people take it too far. The point of the parties and gatherings is to have fun and socialize, not single out races/religions. At the time, the girls may not have realized the extent of the situation. I also believe that incidents like these should not put blame on Greek life, but on the individuals themselves. But yes, I think the girls took it too far.”

Some people, however, believe that Greek life isn’t all bad. Nathan Rhodes, a senior at Bob Jones, said, “Recently Greek life has been getting a lot of bad light, but they shouldn’t make any major changes in the way that Greek life runs.”

Most people believe that Greek life is a place to create bonds. Hannah Drury states, “Greek life is a great way to help students transition into college life. The purpose is to provide individuals with a group of people with the same values as one another in which they can build character, leadership, service, responsibility, and scholarship through brotherhoods/ sisterhoods. The great thing about Greek life is that there will always be a place for everyone. Whether it’s social, religious, or educational.”

Nathan Rhodes added, “Greek life is used to create brotherhoods and sisterhoods. And to make connections.”

Is Greek life really the Elite life? That’s up to you to decide, and it’s up to you, as individuals, to make the right decisions if you choose the Greek life.