France Grabs Anorexia by the Bones


Aviana Rose and Janice Hendrick

When you look at runways, you never really think about the health of the models. You think more about the clothes on their malnourished bodies. The girls in French modeling agencies feel the need to strive for the marveled thigh gap. Models such as Isabella Caro pushed themselves to death, Caro weighing in at 60 pounds. Finally French lawmaker and medical doctor, Oliver Veran, had enough of the stick legs and razor sharp collarbones.

Mr. O’Dell, a psychology teacher at Bob Jones, stated, “The worst case was a young lady that I was fortunate to meet. Probably about eight years ago, she was as a matter of fact a student of mine. She was a very healthy 120-125 pound student and by the end of the school year or by the start of the school year over the summer, the disease had manifested itself so badly the she’d gone down to about 90 pounds.”

Veran proposes the idea of holding a set BMI for models to move on into the industry. Not only passing this legislation to change the face of French modeling agencies but to assist in the annihilation of the eating disorder anorexia. Anorexia is defined as a fear of gaining weight and in turn doing anything to lose weight. Models throughout the industry even result to eating cotton balls to implant the idea that they aren’t hungry.

France is not the only contributing fighter against this, in extreme conditions, fatal disorder. Spain, Italy and Israel share the same concern towards the health of their models.

20% of females who suffer from anorexia are said to have premature death due to nutrition problems or mental choices.

When Mrs. Lawson, a Biomed teacher at Bob Jones, was asked the question ‘Do you think that they should include more standards in the law rather than just relying on the BMI standard?’ She responded “The BMI can be deceptive, so it’s not always an accurate measurement. I think there are other medical guidelines that they can use to strengthen what they’ve passed.”