Black Friday!


The possibilities are endless!

Kouji Miyamoto, Writer

Christmas is coming and everyone is hoping to get the best deals they can possibly get.  Black Friday is a great opportunity to get these deals early. Many stores offer great deals and some great online deals, too.  Online stores like Amazon are even launching Black Friday deals early.

Mr. Rutledge, a current Bob Jones Business/Career Tech teacher said, “I believe Black Friday, from a retail shopping perspective, is pure marketing hype. A decade ago, there was no such animal as Black Friday in retail shopping. Although the term is legitimate, referring to the day in which most retailers start making a profit, I believe its sole purpose is to create panic.”

Ms. Van Dam, also a current Bob Jones teacher who has a background in business marketing education said, “Black Friday has definitely become more of a spectacle than it used to be, but it’s always been a make or break day when it comes to total sales.” Her father spent years in retail and even managed the Toys R Us store. She said, “They have done more in sales before noon on a Black Friday than entire months.”

Black Friday experiences are not always positive.  Mrs. Van Dam said, “Now stores leak the Black Friday deals early to build anticipation. Gotta get that T.V. $20 than usual. If I have to trample a poor door guy to do it, then so be it. Stupid.”

For those of you who enjoy Black Friday shopping as a family tradition or because you just enjoy the deals or the excitement of being first in line or dashing through the aisles, you should start comparing prices early.

If you’re looking for some of the best deals on some of the best technology, then Best Buy and Target might be your store. Got your eye on the new Apple Watch? Save $50 on it at Best Buy. The Apple Watches start at $300 and go up to $650. Best Buy also has some great deals on TV’s as well. 32-inch 720p Insignia HDTV’s go for $149.99, which is a $30 savings.  And if you’re looking for top of the line picture and quality, Best Buy has exceptional deals on 4K televisions. Sharp AQUOS 43-inch LED 2160p Smart 4K Ultra HDTV’s will go for $549.99, which is a $50 savings.

Target has got it going on, too. Looking for those stylish new Beats Solo 2’s? Well, Target has them for $180.

In an informal survey, 8 out of 22 students said that they were going to go Black Friday shopping. The students that are going favored a variety of different brick-and-mortar stores or online stores, including H&M, Academy Sports, Hot Topic, Forever 21, Cabela’s, and Urban Outfitters.