Changes on the White House Website

Savannah Plume, Writer

Only moments after Trump took the oath of office, the pages pertaining to issues within the LGBT+ community and climate change were taken off These tabs have been replaced with Trump’s new issues such as the America First Energy Plan which reads, “President Trump is committed to eliminating harmful and unnecessary policies such as the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the U.S. rule.” The new president may see the old plans as harmful, but many still see them as necessary. He will be focusing his attention on other issues dealing with the economy in the United States, but young citizens are still upset about Trump’s opinion on the matter.

Taking the issues off the website may only be a transition that citizens are not ready for after the eight years of the Obama administration, and people are still able to reach the sites that are no longer on the updated change. One can get to it through the White House President Barack Obama.

Even with this, some are still upset about the different website.

Kathryn Tippie views the neglect of these topics to only cause more problems for the United States in the future. She said, “The fact that these tabs have been removed will create several issues, but him pretending like they don’t exist isn’t going to make them go away. Most likely, the LGBT+ community will become louder in pride. Global warming, while the process is starting to slow down, is still a large issue. The fact that the president is willing to ignore that shows that he may not be the best person to be in charge of our nation.”

Many only focus on Trump’s opinions on the matter, but those like Issabella Hall are more concerned with the vice president’s point of view. She stated, “The fact that the important issue of LGBT+ people has been taken down off that site worries me, because of the inhumane stance the new vice president has, with his approval of using conversion shock therapy on queer people.”

Some, like Michelle Le Roy, do not care what is put on the White House website, but agrees that Trump should not ignore these issues, as she mentions, “Global warming is my future world.”

Many people from both parties agree that these issues are not something that our new president should ignore and are hoping that Trump will change his viewpoint on the issues in the years to come.