Madison City Schools Crowdfunding for School Safety


Bob Jones High School will be one of many schools provided with addition Resource Officers and counselors donated by the community.

Ashton Jah and Zachary Johnson

With the rise of school violence and the need for an increase in safety measures in schools across the country, Madison City Schools leaders prepared a new way to seek funding for additional safety measures by reaching towards the community for assistance.

The safety and security of our schools has recently been called into question from a sudden spike of in-school violence and the mental health of students, forcing schools to react on their own while Alabama Governor Kay Ivey awaits a task force report on how to tackle the school safety issue, according to

The cost to obtain additional School Resource Officers (SROs) and guidance counselors for every school—an evident necessity as presented by community members at a safety meeting held earlier this month—will be $750,500, most of which the system does not have available at this time. However, Superintendent Robby Parker is hoping the community will step in and help this ever present need for Madison City Schools through crowdfunding.

“I refuse to sit back and wait another year for the Legislature to meet, or for an increase in revenue or for some pot of money to magically appear,” Parker mentioned in a statement to the Madison community. “We don’t have the luxury to wait.”

Parker and President Ranae Bartlett announced a Safety and Security Fund on Friday afternoon at a news conference held at Rainbow Elementary, planning to raise $750,500 for additional SROs and counselors.

Some teachers, such as Bob Jones English Teacher Robin Dauma, believe this is the best step for Madison City, as some teachers are not able to help students in all ways possible.

Dauma shared, “Although teachers are more than willing to help students, we are not trained counselors or law enforcement officers, and sometimes, the needs in those areas can be overwhelming to teachers who are already stretched thin with teaching, coaching, and sponsor responsibilities.”

This safety fund has also sparked students to speak out about the fund and the positive effects it can have on the future of our school.

“I believe additional SRO’s would be helpful to the student body because there would be less violence, as well as provide a safer environment for students,” Bob Jones Senior Janice Hendrick commented. “I do believe this funding is a great step. It’s never a bad idea to ensure the safety of the future even if there is a cost.”

Parker mentioned that “we’ve got to make this happen,” and he is further putting his hopes in the community to help keep Madison schools safe.

Contributions to the Safety and Security Fund are tax deductible, and will exclusively be applied exclusively towards the addition of SROs and counselors.

Will this fund prove itself effective? Only a matter of months will tell, but based on strong hopes and faith, Parker believes that “we have so many in the community willing to step up and help.”