Tik Tok: I Think We ALL Wanna be Tracer


We asked Brooke Heath and Isabella Caballero to recreate some of the most popular Tik Toks to provide an (ironic) example, and they seemed more than a little familiar with the nuances of the form.

Ashlee Sunderman and Mackenzie Edwards

Tik Tok has become the #1 most downloaded app as of late 2018. The app has over 120 million members. Tik Tok appeared in 2016 by Japanese company, ByteDance. In 2017, ByteDance bought Musical.ly, a video app from China, and combined it with the original version of Tik Tok.

Now, the new Tik Tok is growing and improving. Everything from Musical.ly has remained the same except for the fact it has been rebranded. With Fortnite dances, roasts, and wars between users, Tik Tok is an app for the masses. We asked students if they were aware of Tik Tok’s rise to fame. 93% of the people we surveyed were aware of Tik Tok. But is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Despite being aware of the app, an astonishing 77% of these students didn’t have the app on their devices. We asked students for their opinions on the app. Most were negative. Bryson Tessener, a freshman without the app, poetically described his experiences with the app: “Tik Tok is what will end humanity. It slowly poisons our generation. At first, we won’t notice the effects but as the affected take office and become role models, the poison will come into full light.”

Not every student thinks of Tik Tok quite so negatively. Isabella Caballero, another freshman, said, “I think it’s the best app to make fun of, and it’s a good source of entertainment.”  Junior Jillian Nance said that Tik Tok “brings students together.”

It seems that Tik Tok is like any other social media site– some hate it and some love it. Whether they use it for making fun of cringey users or for legitimate entertainment, a large part of the student population has some interest in Tik Tok. Only time will tell if Tik Tok is a hit or miss.