Tornado Hits Lee County


Rachel Goldsmith, Writer

On Sunday, March 3, a tornado destroyed Lee County. It was a mile long and caused wreckage that lasted for 24 miles. It’s track was .87 miles wide, and it gave off 170 mph winds. This was the worst tornado in the United States since 2013, with 90 people hospitalized, 23 people killed, and 7 people still missing. 116 homes were so ruined that they could not even get electrical service. With houses and business destroyed, the Lee County community is in desperate need of supplies.

BJHS teacher, Mrs. Van Dam said, “My first teaching job was in Lee County, and I was there for five years. It is a great community filled with great people who helped shape my life.”

WAFF 48, Red Cross, and other supporters had a telethon on Wednesday and raised $56,431 to support Lee County.

After the severe flooding that Madison has experienced, our community has gathered around to help those in need. Churches and other organizations have assembled volunteers to go down to Lee County. People have collected supplies and sent it to the town, and some people have donated money. The people of Alabama have been brought together as one to help the victims. President Trump is visiting Lee County on March 8 to support and be there for the Lee County community.

Church of the Highlands, Grant Street Church of Christ, and the Rock Family Worship Center are all accepting donations such as bottled water, containers and blankets.

You can sign up on the Red Cross website to donate or volunteer.

For more ways that you can help visit the WHNT website.