Wifi on the Go: Getting Something in Return for Your MCS Donation


Payton Gloschat, Writer

Students and school employees can purchase a portable LeanStream WiFi on the Go 4G/LTE hotspot for $50 per month to benefit the Madison City Schools Safety and Security Fund. It’s powered by T-mobile, and you can check out the T-Mobile coverage map HERE.

There are no other hidden fees, and the device itself is free. You can even claim approximately $20 per month as a tax deduction. Seniors who are graduating and going off to college can even be grandfathered into the $50 per month cost.

You can connect up to 15 users, but it would affect the speed of the internet. It has its own battery, making it completely portable. In addition to working with your smartphone, you can use it with laptops, TVs, game consoles, iPads, or anything that connects to the internet.

It is more secure than public wi-fi, requiring a strong username and password. You will need an employee ID or student ID for signing up. Payment reoccurs monthly through PayPal.

Freshman Tyler Silvia said, “Maybe a person doesn’t have data or unlimited data on their smartphone. Or maybe if a person didn’t have internet at home. If they had a Smart TV, they could use the hot spot to watch Netflix, etc. It could become their internet and cable. I think these are the main reasons why people would want a hot spot. Well, it might also be cheaper than what service that they already have.”

If you’re interested, you can find out more about the program HERE.