Road Projects to Impact Bob Jones Traffic


Nathan Humpal, Writer

Madison City is planning for the expansion of both Wall Triana Highway and Hughes Road in 2019. Mayor Finley stated that “people will start seeing traffic cones and flashing lights in 2019” in a statement addressing when the road expansion will take place.

Hughes Road will expand from three lanes to five, adding one lane to each side of the road. Wall Triana also expand from three lanes to five and add a multi-use pathway. In the first stage of the project, Hughes Road will be expanded from Plaza Boulevard to Eastview Drive. The city plans to widen the two roads up to Highway 72 in the future. Despite most of the plans being made public, no timeline has been given for the project. 

Overall, the majority of Bob Jones students surveyed are in favor of the expansion of the roads. 66.7% of the students surveyed believe it should be a priority to increase the number of lanes on Hughes Road; the most common reason for this sentiment is that 76.8% of students who drive to school stated that traffic is a major problem when commuting to and from school. In addition to the road expansion, the vast majority of Bob Jones students, 94.1%, are in favor of the installation of a multi-use pathway along Wall Triana. The mayor stated, “It’s not necessarily safe to walk on that road.”

Though road construction can be inconvenient, the end result will ultimately help ease traffic congestion.