National Nurses Day


Ashlee Sunderman, Writer

In the midst of quarantine, it can be easy to lose track of the days that have passed, but certain days are worth noting. May 6th is National Nurses Day, the day that kicks off National Nurses Week, which ends on the 12th, or International Nurses Day. Nurses are doing a lot right now, helping fight against COVID-19 and take care of other patients. Their jobs are more important than ever, and they are rising to the occasion. Nurses have been working extra shifts, trying to help wherever they can.

May 6th is a day to celebrate Nurses, who are generally not acknowledged enough. I asked nurses Leah Keith and Kresta Sunderman, who both work in the Madison Hospital Emergency Room, how they celebrate Nurses Day. In 2019, the hospital celebrated by offering free 15 minute massages to nurses whenever they could slip away, but in a busy ER, there isn’t any time for that. This year, however, many local restaurants have delivered food for hospital staff, to thank them for all they are doing.

Nurses Week is an important day because it recognizes people who spend incredible amounts of time helping people, and it shows them that their work does not go unnoticed. Kresta said, “It is nice to be recognized. Nursing has always been a passion of mine and it’s a great thing.” This year especially, be sure to thank nurses for everything they do.