Flu Shots Available on Tuesday, Oct. 20

Flu Shots Available on Tuesday, Oct. 20

Deavais Jones, Writer

While getting a flu vaccine will not protect against COVID-19, there are many important benefits. Flu vaccines reduce the risk of flu illness, hospitalization, and death. Getting a flu vaccine can also save healthcare resources for the care of patients with COVID-19.

Vaccinate All Kids (VAKS) will be at Bob Jones on Tuesday, October 20. This local group of pediatricians will provide these optional flu shots to students who have completed the necessary paperwork with no out-of-pocket costs. They will bill your insurance, and if you don’t have insurance, there will be no charge. Turn in the form to the school nurse by Monday, Oct. 19.

Here is the link to the form: CLICK HERE.

Despite the many benefits offered by flu vaccination, only about half of Americans get an annual flu vaccine, and flu continues to cause hospitalizations and deaths. Many more people could be protected from the flu if more people got vaccinated.

Health experts said that while September usually marks the beginning of flu season, social distancing and extra hand washing brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has offset the beginning of flu season. Now, those experts said the flu could peak in February or March. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that in the 2018–2019 season, some 35.5 million Americans came down with the flu and that about 34,000 of them died from it. Flu shots prevented another 4.4 million cases and about 3,500 deaths.