The Three Former Presidents at Joe Biden’s Inauguration


Lenora Lee, Writer

On Joe Biden’s Inauguration day, many U.S representatives, senators, and other political officials gathered for the swearing-in of the new commander and chief. Included in this well-rounded mass, of course, were multiple of our previous memorable presidents. Which ones you might ask? Side by side, stood Bill Clinton (1993-2001), George W. Bush (2001-2009), and Barack Obama (2009-2017) supporting the continuing line of the presidency. 

In fact, all three presidents taped a powerful message for the American audience in regards to Biden’s inauguration. George W. Bush remarked, “I think the fact that the three of us are standing here talking about a peaceful transfer of power speaks to the institutional integrity of our country.” Recently when Biden won the electoral college, Bush also described his personal experience with Joe as he said, “I know Joe Biden to be a good man who has won his opportunity to lead and unify our country […] he will govern for all Americans”. Bill Clinton held similar retrospects as he said Joe Biden was a “man with a mission” and “helped bring us back from a recession before […] he can do it again” at the Democratic National convention. Obama specifically cheered thoroughly throughout Biden’s campaign for the obvious reason of Biden serving with him as former vice president. They held a great bond in office and relished an outside friendship. Obama ended the video message with “Joe I’m proud of you. You and Kamala need to know that you’ve got all of us here rooting for your success, keeping you in our prayers”. The three presidents offered truthful validation and encouragement for the new president and the American people.

Who did not attend? Sady former president Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) could not attend the inauguration due to health concerns, especially amidst the deadly pandemic. However, he made sure to show his endorsement for the president as he characterized that “Joe has the experience, character, and decency to bring us together […] he’s the right person for this moment in our nation’s history”. In addition, recent president Donald Trump did not attend Biden’s inauguration. He did not state as to why he refused to attend, but most likely it was due to his discontentment with his outvoting. 

All in all, Joe Biden’s inauguration was a success and following his honorable predecessors, he is the forty-sixth president of the United States.