Alabama to Follow Other States in Re-Opening with Fewer Restrictions


Georgia White, Writer

As the number of Coronavirus cases continues to drop nationwide and vaccines are being administered, state guidelines are changing. According to a recent New York Times article, states are beginning to open back up without any mask restrictions. In the article it explained, “Many states are moving closer to lifting all restrictions now that the vaccine roll-out is underway.

Like other states in the nation, Alabama is preparing to reopen with fewer restrictions. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey held a press conference on March 4th in which she stated she plans to lift all mask restrictions beginning on April 9th. She is leaving the decision to wear a mask to each individual. “I will continue to wear my mask while I’m around others and strongly urge my fellow citizens to use common sense and do the same thing,” said Ivey, “but at that time it will become a matter of personal responsibility and not a government mandate.”

In anticipation of the mask mandate expiring next month, students have different views on the upcoming changes. “I’ve still seen several people in public wearing masks incorrectly, so I think lifting the mandate is going to make things much worse and have more people breaking distancing guidelines,” said 10th grader Emily Duong. Freshman Abigail Creekmore has a different perspective. “We have seen a decline in COVID numbers recently and I don’t think we should be required to wear masks. Many people will most likely still choose to wear them; I definitely would, especially if I am going to be in a crowded area.”

Coupled with the mask mandate, the vaccine rollout continues to provide safety for many Alabamians. Speaking at the Governor’s press conference on March 4th, Alabama State Health Officer Scott Harris stated, “The majority of [the providers] have not been able to get vaccines because we just haven’t had enough, but we have learned that this coming week we will actually have more than 100,000 first doses for the first time, that’s Moderna and Pfizer. In addition to that, we have about forty thousand doses of Johnson and Johnson.

As restrictions ease in the state, Alabamians still must follow CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of our communities.