Spring Formal 2021


Brenna Oxley, Writer

A lot of questions have been circulating about if we are having a Junior/ Senior formal event this spring. As of Thursday March 11, we are! Sylvia Lambert, BJHS principal, sent out an email in regards to whether or not prom is happening. The Spring Formal will take place May 1, 2021 at the Toyota Field for Juniors and Seniors from both Bob Jones and James Clemens.

There will be certain safety measures in place to ensure that the event is COVID friendly. In the email Mrs. Lambert addresses how there will be activities for students to play. They will be socially distant so the event follows both CDC guidelines and MCS guidelines. 

However, some students feel like it isn’t appropriate to have such a large event in the middle of a pandemic. Junior Katie Tanner says, “I think it’s incredibly irresponsible. Gathering large groups of teenagers, many of whom already don’t wear masks/follow guidelines is a recipe for disaster. I feel bad for the seniors, but prom isn’t important enough to risk your health and the health of hundreds of people”. 

The point of Spring Formal is to bring some normalcy back into the lives of students. And those who are seniors have already skipped out on several events due to COVID, so Madison City Schools decided to at least give them this. 

Tickets go on sale March 23rd at $40 a piece. Keep an eye out for an email from your school about more specifics.