Supply Chain Setback


Gianna Dieselberg, Contributor

Problems within the Global Supply Chain

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused quite a few economic disruptions. Many businesses were shut down, product demand decreased during the lockdown, and now that it’s been lifted, it has quickly escalated. Because of this, the global supply chain has been facing issues for a while. Shipments are being delayed and there is a shortage of goods, which is noticeable in some stores. In a survey that I conducted, 70% of surveyors said that they noticed limited products in stores. Many of them said that this has affected them negatively, as they were unable to purchase the food or supplies that they needed. This was scary to some, as they had never experienced a problem like this before. 

Impact on Restaurants and Small Businesses

According to, “Along with environmental conditions triggered by global warming, COVID has snarled supply chains across the world, and food supplies are no exception. Shortages and sourcing issues are becoming the new normal for restaurant operators.” If you’ve gone out to eat recently, you may have noticed that some menu items or ingredients were not available. Starbucks in particular has not been able to make drinks with certain syrups and flavors, which has annoyed many customers. This also affects many small businesses in the area. stated, “As the global supply chain crisis continues, it’s getting tougher for valley businesses to meet consumer demand. Changing menu items, sporadic shipments, and raising product prices are just a few of the ways businesses are having to adapt.” Store owners have had to raise their prices so that they can afford the materials they need for what they sell. Although higher prices and unavailable foods can be aggravating, it is best that we understand the situation and be patient. 

High Schoolers Get Involved

A high school in California has started providing a truck driving course for its students in order to help aid the shortage of drivers. “The course will teach students how to get a commercial license and how to navigate scenarios that professional truck drivers might face on the road,” says Students may be inspired to pursue a truck-driving career if they take this class, which will help with the empty shelves that we’ve seen. Even though this is only one school, others may soon follow so that more students can be of help to this struggle.