Spring Break Weather Forecast


Katie Steele, Weather Girl

As many of you know, spring break is next week. Unfortunately, it seems that no matter where you go, unless you’re going to the equator, it is going to be a little chilly.

If you’re planning on staying in town, also plan to be wearing heavy jackets this weekend. On Saturday, the high will be 33 degrees. And tonight, there is a chance of snow so watch out for that! Next week, it is going to mainly be in the 60s, with Thursday predicted to be the hottest day with a high of 72. Expect it to be sunny this weekend, with some rain next week. If you want to do something outdoors over the break or just catch some rays, the best days to do so would be Sunday, Thursday, and Monday (maybe).

If you have a beach trip planned in Gulf Shores, you might want to pack a thin jacket along with your bathing suits. Don’t expect the temperatures to rise over around 73, and don’t expect sun every day. This Sunday will be the sunniest day (very fitting). It’s going to be chilly with a high of 56. I hope you like storms on the beaches because for the rest of the week because it is most likely going to be partly cloudy, raining, or storming. Sadly, you will probably not be much more tan when you come back into town. 

Hopefully, the forecast is incorrect, and it will be a little bit more sunny and warm wherever you plan on going. To keep up with the weather on your trip, you can visit weather.com.