Women’s History Month


Amy Athing, Contributor

March is women’s history month! Women’s history month seeks to highlight women’s contributions to history.

In America, women’s history month is celebrated by many different organizations, including national parks and museums. All through March the MET has been hosting events interviewing women artists and workshops intended to bring girls to art. Also during the month of March, engineering companies have been hosting women in STEM events meant to attract girls to education in STEM and engineering, leading to career opportunities. 

When asked about some notable women from history, senior Christine Pham said, “Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, Marilyn Monroe… ” Danica Vu said, “The one who flew the plane… Amelia Earhart.” Diane Pham said, “Jan Davis.”

Some ways you can celebrate women’s history month is by taking advantage of the display in the Bob Jones library! Mrs. Husky displayed an assortment of books highlighting women’s history, ranging from scientific discoveries to suffragette movements. There is still time in March to challenge yourself to learn about women’s contributions.