Keep America Beautiful, Bob Jones!

April is Keep America Beautiful Month. In its 24th year, it reminds us that we should strive to reduce waste, prevent litter, and beautify communities.

Madison families can recycle many materials. These 4 materials are acceptable#1 & #2 narrow neck plastic bottles (no other plastics), metal & aluminum cans, paper, and broken-down cardboard. Currently, there is no option for glass recycling in Madison.

The Madison Police Foundation is hosting the 1st annual Spring Clean Up event on April 23 from 9-2 pm at Discovery Middle School. Families can sell items cluttering their home or yard. There will also be craft vendors and shaved ice.

Locally, Operation Green Team gave away plants to ring in this event. You can also volunteer with this organization to clean up the CASA garden. This Spruce up Day takes place on Thursday, April 21 from 5-7pm.

Here at school, just picking up after yourself goes a long way.

Whether you’re recycling at home, picking up litter when you see it, or helping with yardwork around the house, you can help Keep America Beautiful.