Earth Day 2022


It’s Earth Day. This day serves as a reminder to appreciate the planet, protect our natural environments, conserve our resources, and recycle materials to reduce waste.

The Google Doodle for today is a timelapse animation of the planet at different recent time periods, and it shows how the environment has changed and not for the better.

How can you help? Maybe start by educating yourself. You can watch top scientists share various presentations about the Earth by visiting THIS LINK. You can also volunteer to help clean up greenways, local waterways, and even sidewalks along roadways. You could volunteer with an official group, but nothing is stopping you from grabbing a trash bag, a pair of gloves, and picking up trash. You can be more conscious of your energy consumption and about how you spend your money. If a business is taking extra steps to protect the environment, maybe choose to support that business over a business that only values profits.