Happy Small Business Week


Brandon Smith, Contributor

May 1-7  is National Small Business Week. Every year the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) dedicates the beginning week of May to the efforts and honest works of entrepreneurial Americans and the spirit that resides within them. This year’s theme is “Building a Better America through Entrepreneurship” to commemorate the resilience of small businesses in America despite the stresses of economic obstacles like price gouging and just general rises in prices from the pandemic and the Russo-Ukrainian War. Small businesses provide so many benefits to a community, like additional jobs that promote economic growth, add to the communal identity, have environmental benefits, and promote organic and diverse products to the markets of average everyday Americans. It is of the utmost importance to support small businesses in their efforts to stay afloat in the unique feedback loop that ultimately lends the opportunity for self-sustainability with money returning to the hands of consumers and tax money used for maintenance and additional growth in an area. 

Countless small businesses in the Madison area cater to the interest of young people in our community.

On Highway 72 is Shake It Boba. Many students here at Bob Jones enjoy boba tea. Serving a Taiwanese beverage, this small food truck business parked on the Shell gas station lot is popular with the locals. Christine Pham, a Bob Jones senior and an employee, says that she enjoys seeing regulars come again to purchase their unique product. Competing with Kung Fu Tea, the largest boba franchise in America, it has been difficult to assert itself. There has also been a shortage of tapioca, a key ingredient of many boba drinks and flavors, which is another obstacle. This is an example of why it’s important to support our small local businesses. 

Happy Small Business Week, everyone, and go out to support a local business today!