Kricket Johnston, Writer

I know everyone can’t wait for the weekend to begin, and this weekend is an extra special one. Why? Because all students in the Madison City School district have a half day on Friday and NO school Monday!

This extra long weekend is sure to give the students of the Madison City District a much-needed break, to kick back and relax before it’s time to head back to school. 

On the half-day Friday, there will also be an exciting Pep Rally to show school spirit from 11:15 to the end of the day at 11:45. Don’t miss your chance to support Bob Jones High School and our football players!

Also, why exactly do we have Monday off? What are we celebrating? On Labor Day, we celebrate the astounding achievements of American workers. Labor Day was the result of a 19th-century Labor movement when American workers forced the State Government to acknowledge their contributions to the well-being of present-day America. 

The idea of Labor Day was originally founded by Canada. They wanted to honor the labor day movement that was going on at the time, so they held the Nine-Hour Movement to show support for incredible workers.

Historians are not entirely sure who sprung the idea into action, but some records dated 1882, say that Peter J. McGuire, a general secretary for the Brotherhood of Carpenters suggested a day off in honor of the American workers. Now every year we get the first Monday of September off, known only as Labor day.

So as you enjoy your relaxing long weekend, think of all the history and effort from the American people it took to obtain Labor Day as you know it today. Go celebrate the hardworking, tireless, diligent, work ethic of American workers, and of course, enjoy your long weekend!