Don’t B Negative about Blood Donation


Drake Lara, Contributor

Donate blood to the victims of Hurricane Ian. Many Bob Jones students are eligible to donate blood. To see if you meet the requirements, click HERE.

It’s free to donate blood and does not affect you in any long-term way. When they extract your blood, they only take one pint of blood and the average person has ten pints of blood in their body so only 10% of your blood is being lost. You might feel a little dizzy or lightheaded after the extraction but after a few hours, you will be completely back to normal and all of the red blood cells that leave your body when you donate will fully replenish in four weeks. You yourself are not affected, but the people who survive because of your donation will forever be affected.

Think about all of the family members that can rest easy knowing their loved ones will survive because of your donation. Imagine all of the parents that will get to see their kids again because of your blood donation. An hour of slight discomfort is worth saving the life of another person. You might think that your blood donation won’t matter, but one pint of blood can save up to three lives. The closest donation center is LifesSouth, and it’s just on Madison Blvd. There is also a Red Cross in Huntsville. 

It’s not like you are driving hours to donate blood; you have to drive maybe 10 minutes. It’s relatively painless, quick, and helpful for the victims of Hurricane Ian. Go donate blood and go save some lives.