Adopt a Puppuccino: Adopt a Dog Shelter Month


Jonathan Goddard and Grayson Boyd

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month. These dogs don’t have homes or families, or if they did have families, they were abused or abandoned. Though October is coming to an end, this could be the beginning of a special bond between you and your rescue dog. 

Adopting a shelter dog can be really good for your health, too. The AKC cites many benefits to owning a dog, but it’s been proven to ease anxiety, lower blood pressure, keep you more active, help you cope or heal, and just plain old make you happy. You can read more about this by CLICKING HERE.

So many dogs in shelters have had families before, and they may end up being easier to train. Since getting the dog house broken is one of the most frustrating parts of owning a dog, this is a way to combat that. Do realize that it may take time for the dog to adjust. It just takes patience.

Some animal shelters nearby are Ark Inc Shelter, Madison Animal Rescue Foundation (MARF), Greater Huntsville Humane Society, and A New Leash on Life Adoption Center. These are really nice people who just want to find a home for these poor dogs and you can help them save a dog’s life. Some dogs don’t find homes and may stay in no-kill shelters for a long time. Some animals end up in shelters that aren’t no-kill shelters. People tend to gravitate toward puppies or younger dogs, so don’t discriminate. A more mature dog may be the perfect fit for your family. 

Adoption is way cheaper than buying a dog. Buying a dog can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  When you adopt a dog, even with the cost of it being spayed and neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, it will cost way less than buying a dog from a breeder. You can’t just walk in and take a dog home; there is a process. You can read about MARF’s adoption requirements by CLICKING HERE.

Even though owning a dog is hard work, it’s worth it in the end. You’ll gain a companion and a new member of your family.