Food Delivery Is Safety Hazard

Food Delivery Is Safety Hazard

Abby Neely, Contributor

Food delivery services like DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats have become quite popular. Whether the popularity is due to the increasing laziness of society or simply increased knowledge about food delivery services, the fact is, easy access to food delivery is something we have started to take for granted. That being said, teenagers have gotten used to being able to order food to their doorstep whenever they want, and being at school didn’t stop some of them. 

The administration issued a stop to delivery services recently “for safety reasons,” but some students feel that this reason is lacking, according to a poll. 

It makes sense that the administration wants to keep the school safe and inaccessible to the outside. If food is able to be brought to the doors of the school, then what else is able to be delivered? Drugs or weapons? As our Mrs. Lambert, our principal, said, “We would have no idea who the stranger might be that would be delivering food on campus…With school safety in mind, we know that asking a stranger to come on campus would not be a good idea.”

Students can continue to purchase lunch in the cafeteria or bring lunch from home.