Tornado Safety Tips


Chyanne Smith, Contributor

According to the National Weather Service, tornado season in Alabama is from March to May. Recently, a tornado outbreak impacted many in Mississippi and Alabama. ABC News reported at least 26 were dead, and in an interview with CNN, the mayor of Rolling Fork, Mississippi described the city as “gone.”

Here are some tips to make sure you stay safe during a tornado or severe weather in general:  

-Have a plan on where to go inside the house and make sure everyone knows where that safe place is.

-Get on the lowest floor possible and put as many barriers between you and the outside as possible.

-If you have a basement or a cellar, go in there and make sure the door is secure.

-If you can’t go underground, go in a bathroom, closet, hallway, or under stairs.

-If you are out in public, find the closest building you can get in, get on the lowest floor, and cover yourself.

-If you are in your car and can’t find an exit to take, then get out of your car and get into a ditch, culvert, or low spot. Avoid highway overpasses.

-Make sure you have a weather alert on your phone and/or a weather radio.

You can learn more about how to help the victims of the recent tornado outbreak by clicking HERE.