3-D Pop Just Fizzles

3-D Pop Just Fizzles

Kendyl Hollingsworth

Many often find themselves wandering down Memory Lane for a nostalgic visit, whether intentional or not. Although a quick visit is nice, are Disney and other companies taking it too far? Recently movies are being brought back to theaters in 3D. Instead of developing new projects, companies like Disney are resurrecting their previous successes to bring in more cash flow.

One of the most recent movies to be rereleased is Pixar’s Finding Nemo. The film was a 2003 box office hit and remains popular today. It may be fun to see it again in theaters after nearly a decade, but the general idea of rereleasing a movie most people already own is a bit pointless.

What Disney is doing—rereleasing previous hits in 3D—is actually something people may be able to do themselves in the comfort of their own homes. Disney claims “great stories and great characters are timeless” but the only new aspect of rereleased-in-3D movies are the fact that things “pop out” a bit.

No matter when you watch it, no matter how many times you watch it, and no matter where you watch the movie, the plot is still the same. Audiences already know what happens and what to expect. Marlin will always find Nemo. Beauty and the Beast will always end up together. The Titanic will always sink.

What is the main goal in rereleasing a film in 3D? It seems as if film production companies are running out of ideas and are attempting to milk past successes for every penny they’re worth. People don’t want to see the same old, same old—theywant something new to explore and get excited about. It’s time to make something fresh; it’s time to innovate and create a new classic, not bring back the old ones.

The past is the past, and it’s meant to be remembered, not relived.