Since When Did Sodas Become “Healthy”?


Suntory, a beverage company in Japan, is in partner with Pepsi.

Emiko Higman, Photographer/ Writer

There’re many names to this refreshing beverage that people crave: “pop”, “fizz” and of course, “soda”. They’re always good for pizza party and the movies. Yet we also know it contains ton of sugar, except the diet brands, and drinking too much of it can increase the risk of heart attack and stokes.

However, a brewing and distilling company in Japan, named Suntory, in partner with Pepsi, released the “Pepsi Special” which they call a “healthy soda”.

With the amazing name and ingredient, The Pepsi Special has the ingredient dextrin, a dietary fiber that dissolves in water, which is the same supplement as Benefiber. The fiber makes people to feel fuller, and helps prevent from eating too much. Studies showed dextrin also helps in prevent obesity and lowers chance of high cholesterol.

Although the soda is not available in the United States, considering that PepsiCo may face legal issues from the US Food and Drug Administration about the sales in the US.

With soda placed everywhere, it’s hard to resist a cold tasty treat. Many high schools try to limit the access for students to drink soda because the contents of high sugar. Some schools try to limit the sugar intake with diet sodas.

Andrea Conomos, a senior, agreed very much on the idea of the soda. “I do drink soda, but I’ve never heard of that soda. If they are healthier I’d want to try it.”

And for some students, soda isn’t their thing. Like junior Matt Trulock saying, “I don’t drink soda, but if it ever comes to America I would try it.”

As these simple products become advanced into healthier things, more and more merchandises are coming into futuristic advancements for preventions in sickness and other diseases. In the near future, if the soda does ever reach the states, most likely many people would want to try it.