Chapstick Addiction


Nick Akins, Writer

Often underrated or simply not talked about, Chapstick addiction runs rampant throughout the country. Men and women alike fall prey to this waxy predator, and addiction often starts at a young age. Take a look around you. Count, if you can, how many times you have seen someone using today. How many times have you used yourself?

Elle Kunstlerin, a prolific Yahoo blogger, confesses that she has been using for over 15 years. Her constant application and reapplication has made her late to events due to forgetting her Chapstick at home (and turning around to get it).

I looked around in my classes today and approached those individuals who I saw using regularly.

Emily Bohatch, junior, was one of these individuals. “I don’t go anywhere without my Chapstick; I have six flavors in my purse right now, and two more in my car!” When asked, she admitted to reapplying up to 10 times a day.

As illogical as it may sound, ChapStick addiction is real. It is all around us. It invades our schools, our churches, and our homes. There is no end in sight.