Is a Career in Medical Science Worth Striding For?


Dalia Altubuh, Writer

For centuries, humans have greatly progressed in the various characteristics of medical science and health. Now a disease or illness that had once taken the lives of millions can be avoided or cured by simple vaccinations and medications. Injuries are able to be treated properly and the ill are taken care of in the best manner in terms of recovering. Many have devoted their lives into solving the multiple unknown mysteries of medical science, and others are saving the lives of ill patients. I think a career in medical science is one worth attaining, but the question is: is a career in medical science one you should try to attain?

There are many valid reasons as to why someone wouldn’t wish for such a profession. There is a great deal of time one would need to spend to attain a name in this line of work. To get a high enough degree alone takes several years of study and several thousands of dollars needed in order to pay to attend college and medical school. The effort and the ability to deal with pressure that is needed for a day to day working environment for this field may also be difficult to cope with. With the life of another in your hands, the slightest mistake may end in a flat-line, which is quickly followed by their death. This reality discards puts down the option for many individuals.

Many people, however, pursue this occupation because the rewards that may accompany it. ‘Medical science’ is merely a broad term that describes many variations of occupations that ultimately have the same goal- to acquire knowledge and experience and use it to aid in terms of health and treatment. About this, Mrs. Kathryn Taylor Teare, a biomedical instructor at Bob Jones High School, says, “I think it’s a great career because there are so many different things you can do with one degree. It’s good to have a versatile career.”

Many do it for the large sum paid for this career with 100,000 dollars, or usually more, being quite a common yearly salary. Others wish to merely help others, devoting effort into changing the world they live in or maybe just one life. What better reward than knowing that you, yourself, had the power to save the life of another person? Mrs. Kathryn Teare claims, “I don’t think they [my students] have changed the world yet but it’s sometimes enough to make an impact on one individual.”