Post-Trump America: What’s Going On?

Post-Trump America: Whats Going On?

Love Lundy, Writer

I think that it is safe to say that this election was one of the most intense, corrupt, and rough elections in the history of America.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, America’s two major candidates, both ran a very difficult race filled with extremely bad things in both parties. The good things about both candidates were overshadowed and the entire nation was basically filled with rage the entire time. The map of America was replaced with a United States shaped Arthur hand, because almost every age group, race, religion, sexuality, and gender-identification had something negative to say about one candidate or the other. Consequentially, the candidate who much of America’s youth and people of color did not support won, but there is not much the youth could do about it in the first place or can do about it now. Although, this is not an article about why I believe Trump’s election was disastrous for the generation that is about to go out into the work force, it is one about the way his election has caused people to legitimately go crazy. Nearly every social media platform that I’ve been on since November 9th, 2016 has revealed that Americans have had much more a negative, threatening, and harmful reaction to Trump’s winning than a positive one.

Supporters of both Trump and Hillary have been verbally and physically harassing supporters of the other party, from a video like this one of black Hillary supporters beating up a white man who voted for Trump and this of Trump supporters beating up a gay man in California after Trump’s election. For some reason, people have decided that Trump’s election gives them the right to hurt people for their opinions. Being an extremely opinionated person, I could understand why people would be upset with the opinions of others, but there is definitely not a reason for people to physically abuse others.

I talked to Chloe Darden, a sophomore here at Bob Jones.

“How do you feel about the way minorities are being treated in Post-Trump America?” I asked.

“Minorities, social-speaking, have always been ‘lower’ compared to majorities and I believe its wrong… that’s just not the way society was meant to be ran. I feel like the racism that’s stemming from it has been brought more into light because of the election, specifically Donald Trump and what he at first said that he stands for.”

I then asked her about her reaction to the two photos/videos linked to above.

“Discrimination is a two-way street, it’s not just Trump to Hillary, nor is it just Hillary to Trump. I feel like this is wrong, you know, this is America, we’re supposed to have ‘freedom’. And these things that are happening are just wrong because that’s not what America is supposed to stand for.”

Although there have been many minor reports of this kind of discrimination going on at Bob Jones, there is no room for this type of activity here, an environment which is relatively multi-cultural and accepting, no matter who you support. There is no room for this type of activity anywhere. Let’s keep the peace.