What Would You Change About Bob Jones?


Trevor Peck, Writer

Bob Jones is known as one of the top performing high schools in the state. However, despite this, no school can be completely perfect. So what are the flaws of Bob Jones, you may ask? A recent survey conducted on actual Bob Jones students shows that there is a wide range of answers.

First, the students were asked if they were completely satisfied with the way things were done at Bob Jones. The good news is, most students were. With 40% of students answering they were satisfied. However, 30% answered that they weren’t. And an additional 30% didn’t have any strong feelings either way.

The students were then asked what they would change about Bob Jones. It was here that their answers really fluctuated. Some asked for shorter classes, and others asked for more free time. There wasn’t really a specific subject they zoned in on. However, the most constructive answers found on the survey include the following: less homework for AP classes, cleaner floors, recycling more, changing to math XL, and a better way of getting information than announcements.

When another set of students was interviewed individually, they zoned in on the school lunches. Jake Munson, Cooper Sawyer, and Rishish Narahari, three 10th graders at Bob Jones, all agreed the school lunches needed more variety. Even Mrs. Norton, a teacher, answered that she was unsatisfied with the school lunches.

Of course, there were other issues. Brian Spradlin, another 10th grader, responded, “I would change how controlling they are with Patriot Path. I think it should be every day and that we wouldn’t have to stay in one room. I also feel we should be able to go outside more.”

Ben Cobb, a 10th grader, answered, “I would make it so PE isn’t required, and you would only need 2 credits of English.”

By looking at all the answers, both survey and interviews, it’s safe to say that Bob Jones has no one fatal flaw.

But despite the wide range of answers, the students all agreed on one thing. When asked if they thought the survey conductor was cool, 100% of the students answered that he was. Undeniable proof that Trevor Johnson Peck is cool.