The Amazing OneWheel

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The Amazing OneWheel

Kai Vest, Writer

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The OneWheel is a really cool motorized skateboard, but the catch is it’s only got ONE Wheel. Never have I had so much fun going twelve miles per hour. With a battery life of five miles and a top speed of 22 miles per hour, there are so many different ways to ride. Many people use it to commute to work in cities and other dense areas. Since the tire is actually a go-cart tire, it can easily ride off of curbs and over rocks that a normal board wouldn’t be able to handle. A drawback to this is that the weight of the board is almost thirty pounds, causing it to be quite cumbersome when not being ridden.

The OneWheel makes for an excellent source of wilderness fun too! It can easily glide over rocks, plants, and even large roots to make riding that much easier and fun. Other features for the wild are extreme modes that let you can max out your riding speed. It is also water resistant, meaning puddles are no match for your machine of power. When riding on a flat area, it feels as if you are gliding in the air. It is heaven.

Have kids? The OneWheel is there for you, letting you keep up with them and their speedy bikes with style and grace. The OneWheel can easily keep up with anyone who dares to get away from your awesome power. Have a challenger to a race? You better not lean to far forward, lest you meet face to face with the road.

Despite the great aspects of this amazing machine, it has a few problems. If you exceed the top speed, you are almost certain to have the gyros in the wheel that keep you up fail, causing it to deactivate and throw the rider off. I myself have a large circular scar because of this, yet I still ride this beauty of a creation. Another issue would most definitely be the $1200 price tag on the newest model. But hey, it is worth it; after you buy it, you get to glide. The final issue is that to get off of the OneWheel, you have to come to a full stop and twist or jump off of the board, which can be dangerous if both feet don’t leave at the same time. If you fail to do this, it could launch from under you, causing extreme bodily harm and damage.

As good as the OneWheel is, don’t take this saying you should go out and buy it immediately. The OneWheel can be seriously dangerous if used incorrectly or recklessly. As the skater saying goes, once you step on, you better be ready to be thrown off. Make sure to do your own research and judgment on this great invention so you may make the right decision on whether or not you would be safe or responsible enough to ride.

The OneWheel is an amazing gift from the developers who created this beauty; the best way someone can surf on land would most definitely be the OneWheel. As an owner of the OneWheel for two years, it is safe for me to say that this is the most fun I have ever had outside, inside, or anywhere with enough space to ride this magnificent machine.

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