“Stupid Stuff on the Internet” Crosses the Line

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“Stupid Stuff on the Internet” Crosses the Line

Craig Stephenson and Alora Watts

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People use social media to express themselves. Are some of these expressions in poor taste or too dark for the internet? Even illegal?

These expressions include a recent instance of someone throwing a dog in a running dryer. A Lewisville, Texas resident livestreamed on her Instagram her taking her small Shih Tzu dog, putting it in a tumble dryer and turning it on for around six seconds before letting the pet out. According to USA Today, her identity will not be revealed by the Lewisville Police Department, as she is a minor.

In the video, she said, “I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna put his a– back in the dryer” and laughs before walking over to the machine, picking the small dog up, and putting him in before closing it and turning it on. After she let him out a few seconds later, the dog scurried away disoriented and went to hide under a table. She said sorry in an insincere way while laughing before the video eventually ended. The young woman in question is being investigated for charges of cruelty to non-livestock animals. 

Is this something people find funny? Is posting anything illegal online funny? 

According to a poll taken by 53 Bob Jones students, the opposite is true. Only ten students had a neutral or positive opinion of people who have posted a video of themselves doing something illegal online. Only three said they might record and post one of these videos themselves. When the students were asked why they thought someone would post one of these videos, most attributed the cause to internet fame or clout.

In conclusion, some minors have posted videos of themselves performing illegal acts online. This is not a common thing, however, since most kids recognize this is a poor decision and not funny. Please do not throw your dog into a running dryer, and be careful what you post on social media.


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