Don’t Let Social Media Ruin Your Future


Grace Jae and Aubrey Anne Richards

What are you posting on social media? Up to 29% of college admission officers look at social media to see if students are right for a scholarship or even a fit for that college. Potential employers might also look at your social media. Recently, a University of Alabama dean resigned after a controversy over his social media posts from years ago.

Students also may feel pressured to act a certain way to get more “likes” without considering future consequences.

Athletes have to be careful about what they post. If used correctly, student-athletes should be sharing game highlights, evidence of service to others, and promoting their team and/or sport. Mrs. Panagos said, “An athlete who posts offensive or ignorant stuff to social media could ruin his or her chances of getting a scholarship or even being on the team. Teachers, coaches, and parents can help students with this. Unfortunately, some kids don’t get this kind of guidance.” Some NCAA coaches shared their advice for athletes using social media. Coach Barnard, the women’s soccer coach at Assumption College, said, “Social media is becoming more relevant as time goes on; in some cases, social media profiles are a coach’s first impression of recruits.”

Social media can impact all students, not just athletes. Mrs. Lambert stated, “Students can use social media to promote themselves and their achievements and for communication purposes.” Social media is a good way to share ideas and culture in your community and farther. Ricki Schwartz, a parent of a teen student, stated, “When used wisely, social media has enormous benefits.” When used unwisely, it can even get you kicked out of college. For example, Harley Barber got kicked out of the University of Alabama last year because of the use of profanities and derogatory slang on her Finsta. 

The next time you click on those apps, be sure to think twice and be safe. Here is a link to a website with tips on how to make sure colleges and employers see the best of you.