Trick or No-Treat?


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Sydney Wilson, Writer

 It’s Halloween!  Time for hanging with friends, haunted houses, scary movies, tricks, and best of all, treats!  It’s a fun night for kids of all ages, right? Well, maybe not all ages..

Trick-or-treating may be normal in Madison, but a town in Virginia is taking the fun out of trick-or-treating for teens.  Chesapeake passed a law saying that anyone over the age of 14 is ‘too old’ to go trick-or-treating, and that’s a little better than the original law. The original proposal stated that anyone over the age of 12 had a risk of going to jail.  I believe that this law is ridiculous, but here’s what some of Bob Jones students’ said..

Aubrey Anne Richards stated, “Why would this town waste time on deciding a law on this when there are actual real problems in our nation? Trick or Treating is a fun activity once a year for people to hang out with their friends and get free candy and to maybe escape their toxic lives for two hours. If you want to take that away, then fin,e but there might be consequences like drunk teens going to a party instead.”  Aubrey Anne has a good point. There are many more problems they could focus on rather than worrying about kids going trick-or-treating. I mean, parents, you make the choice: your child going trick-or-treating or drunk kids coming back from a party?

Other student Kayla Hill stated, “Kids might have to chaperone younger siblings, and it’s safer than going to parties and getting drunk.”

All these students ages ranged from 13-19 years old, and most said they were going trick-or-treating.  I see no harm in teens going out on Halloween. I mean, it’s better than partying if you ask me.

Maybe this town had bad experiences with teens trick-or-treating, but either way, just be thankful we don’t have that law in Madison.

PRO TIP: If you’re going trick-or-treating, you might want to use the Nextdoor app. Many Madison residents have indicated that they are giving out candy by adding their address to the Treat Map. This can help you find which neighborhoods are participating the most, save time, and maximize your candy haul.