It’s Truck Month!

The new vehicle thats taken the media by surprise.


Official Cybertruck trailer

Jake Munson and Brian Spradlin

The recent unveiling of Tesla’s CyberTruck has caught the attention of many recently. Its outlandish design has led many to speculate Elon Musk’s (CEO of Tesla) purpose behind the truck. Elon has a strong grasp of social media. He specifically appeals to the Gen Z generation. Some speculate that the creation of the Cybertruck was a marketing scheme rather than a practical vehicle. This stunt seemed to have fallen flat due to unfortunate circumstances during its reveal. While testing the resilience of the “shatterproof glass,” it was easily cracked by a metal ball that was lightly thrown. After the demonstration, Tesla’s stocks dropped by 20$. 

Brian Spradlin, a Bob Jones senior, had to say this about the new Cybertruck: “Most people don’t care that this is ridiculous because it’s Elon. People don’t seem to mind that he’s doing his best to bring about the vehicles from 1980’s dystopian future films. It’s similar to the car from the original “Total Recall.” Never thought I would see something like it in real life; to be honest, it is ugly as sin.”

The CyberTruck is so deliberately ugly that I sort of want one. But it’s so purposely gross that it makes it interesting and unique and worth having. The thing that makes me mad is that I’m effectively doing free advertising for a billionaire’s ugly truck just because of the way he presents it. Elon is certainly a marketing genius. Everyone has heard of this ugly truck that, presented by anyone else, wouldn’t have gotten past the designing stage. Elon has made this child’s drawing of a truck into reality and people seem to like it. It’s got a 250+ mile range, and it starts at 39,900$ which is remarkably priced, even if the features of the truck don’t live up to all of the hype. Everything about the truck makes it seem like a joke, but Elon has been 100% serious about its production.

The CyberTruck is scheduled to be released in 2021. Tesla claims to have over 250,000 orders. The truck is irreverent towards conventional vehicle design. It’s almost like Elon said, “Here is the ugliest 80’s sci-fi truck I could have possibly made. I’m going to the role it out proudly, then chuck steel balls at it ‘till something breaks (even though I didn’t think anything would break).” When the windows did break, everyone just seemed to laugh it off because the truck isn’t supposed to be taken seriously. Its purpose is to look stupid and out of place. I’m buying into this ethos of Elon. When you buy this truck, you’re not saying “What a functional electric truck.” You’re saying, “I wanna stand out, and I’m willing to buy this eyesore of a truck to stand out, and yes, you are going to have to look at it as I drive past you.”

I can’t wait to wait to see these ridiculous Tesla CyberTrucks prowling the streets of Madison.