Nutty Buddies No More

I mean, they’ve got a good reason, but sometimes those Little Debbie’s just smack.


Bob Jones High School Cafeteria

Ally Hayes, Writer

As you may have noticed, we no longer have Little Debbies available to us between classes. Catastrophic, I know.

The problem with selling the Little Debbies and other delicious fundraising food and snacks before or between classes is that they compete with the cafeteria and school vending machines. While raising funds to help with the costs of extracurricular activities is ultimately pure, the results have a negative impact on the school’s Child and Nutrition program. 

Some students had strong feelings about the changes. Senior Madison Gore even described the snack ban as “cruel and unusual punishment.” 

Abigail League stated, “I am strongly against the snack ban because school teams should have the opportunity to make money during school. Also, I miss my Little Debbies!” 

Students can still sell fundraising snacks after school. Sports teams, clubs, and other organizations are allowed to promote their fundraisers on school property, so long as they don’t sell during times that are in competition with cafeteria such as before school and during lunch. “Outside of school there’s no issue for ‘competition’ with the programs,” Charles Marion noted.

We’d love to have the convenience of being able to grab a snack between classes because as senior Sherry Lee shared in a recent survey, “We cannot go to other places to buy snacks during school… so having the chance to buy something outside of lunch hours would be nice and raises funds easily with a quick transaction along your way to class.” 

Although maybe not as convenient to buyers, students can be proactive by planning ahead the day before to buy Little Debbies after school for the next school day and still support school fundraisers.