Stay Hydrated With the New Water Filling Stations


Emma Mullinax, Contributor

Have you used our new water filling stations yet? 

Some students said it was useful, and some said it was not. Eric Joy, a freshman, shared this thoughts. “In my opinion, the water filler is a fairly useful thing to have. It is nice to have the option to refill a water bottle.” Another student, Aaylah Stoops, who is a sophomore, said, “I think they are very useful especially when I have practice because then I can just refill my water bottle.” Zion Jessie, a freshman, said, “Honestly I would rather drink bottled water.” Lastly, Gianna Dieselberg, a sophomore, said, “I think they’re definitely helpful for students who use water bottles, but I don’t.” Maybe everyone should give it a chance.

The water filling stations have a filter that helps remove chlorine and lead in your water. On average, 99.3 percent of lead from your water is removed from water filling stations. Like actual water fountains, they contain a lot of unhealthy chemicals. The stations also have a cooling system in the station to keep it cooler than a water fountain.

Having water filling stations instead of machines with sodas is a better option. The main thing is, if you get into the habit of drinking water instead of soda then you will be better off. Also, it takes a shorter amount of time than getting soda from a machine. To fill up a normal size water bottle takes about 10 seconds or a little longer to fill up. For a vending machine, it can take up to a minute or couple of minutes to get your drink.

For the water filling machine, you don’t have to pay anything but at a vending machine you do. Another good reason why water filling stations are a good thing is because they reduce the amount of plastic water bottles that end up in the landfill. About 80 percent of the plastic bottles that people drink end up in the dump, but if people use their own water bottles, it wouldn’t be a huge deal. 

It is important to stay hydrated to keep your body cool and hydrated, so check out the new water filling stations around the school.