Bob Jones Beats James Clemens

Gracie Poehlman, Writer

The cheers, screams, and groans could be heard blocks away as 10,000 people gathered to watch the Bob Jones-James Clemens game Friday, September 2nd.

The First Half

It began, as all football games do, with a coin toss. Bob Jones won the toss and chose to receive in the second half. After running out of downs, James Clemens tossed it back with a 14 yard punt.

Two drives later, James Clemens’s Jeremy Garth (#83) sacked Quarterback Brady Polson (Bob Jones #11) at the 17 yard line. The very next play, Bob Jones rallied with a pass to Milkhi Stewart (#4) that went all the way to the James Clemens 27 yard line. The drive ended a few downs later with a punt.

Bob Jones sacked the James Clemens quarterback on the next drive at the 14-yard line, and the first quarter ended a few downs later.

The beginning pass of the second quarter A.J. Harris (#8) ran to the 16 yard line. Brady Polson tried to throw a touchdown, but it was tipped off the fingers of a James Clemens player and was intercepted by Torolla Walker (JC#13) in the end zone. James Clemens ran out of downs and so punted the ball.

Sam Barnes (#7) received the punt, and the following play Milkhi Stewart caught a pass and ran 37 yards for the first touchdown of the game. The kick was good, and so Bob Jones led 7-0.

John-Michael Riley (#12) kicked a bad punt to the 39 yard line, and James Clemens used the field position to score an answering touchdown and tie up the game with 3:28 to go in the half.

Bob Jones got a touchback/James Clemens personal foul combination to start the next drive at the 35-yard line, but the drive ended without scoring. James Clemens received the ball for 57.4 seconds, and ran two plays before the clock ran out.

Halftime: A Pleasant Musical Interlude

The Bob Jones band performed “Long Way to the Top,” “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” and “1999” under the direction of students Janice Hendrix, John Schumacher, and Joshua Todd.

James Clemens then rolled out their full halftime performance, “Spectrum Earth.”

The Second Half

Bob Jones’s opening drive of the second half began with A.J. Harris receiving the kick at the 23. Quarterback Brady Polson then passed to Sam Barnes, who ran to the opposite 46-yard line to great cheers. Bob Jones then became bogged down and ran out of downs.

John Michael Riley punted to the 17 yard line. The next play, Cameron Cassidy (JC#12) broke away from pursuit and ran to the opposite 26-yard line. On second down, a Patriots personal foul lets the Jets advance to the 11 yard line. James Clemens promptly scored a touchdown. The extra point from the kick brought the score to 14-7 with 9:33 to go.

Bob Jones answered with a touchdown drive of their own, starting with DeMontrez Brown (#15) gaining 41 yards. A subsequent play gained 10 yards from a Jets personal foul, and Sam Barnes received a pass to get the touchdown. The kick was good, and the game was tied with 7:59 to go in the 3rd Quarter.

James Clemens responded with yet another touchdown, relying on rushing yards gained by players Bradley Belt (JC#11) and Austin Mcghee (#16). However, the kicker missed the kick, and the score was 20-14 with 3:59 to go in the quarter.

The following Bob Jones drive began with two near-interceptions. Only four downs long, John Michael kicked it to the 45.

On a subsequent Jets drive, a botched punt allowed James Clemens to take over at the Bob Jones 36-yard line with 1:47 remaining. The Jets moved to the 25, but their quarterback Jackson Nowlin (#2) was sacked by David Foster (#94), and Kyle Parker followed with an interception with 38 seconds left in the quarter.

On a following drive, Brady Polson threw a 5-yard touchdown to Milkhi Stewart with 11:03 left in the third quarter to put the Patriots ahead, 21-20.

Milkyle Stewart (#3) gave Bob Jones another touchdown with a 35-yard Pick 6 with 5:39 left in the game.

The final score was 28-20. Bob Jones will play Sparkman on the road next Friday.