DramaFest 2018

Kafui Sakyi-Addo, Photographer

Come out and support some familiar faces at DramaFest tonight in the auditorium. The event starts at 6:30, and tickets will be sold at the door. You’ll be able to see the premiere of the original one-act “The Bell Witch” along with all of the monologues, duets and other individual events.

Mr. Craft described the original one-act. “This year [Mrs. Davis] and I wrote about the Bell Witch of Adams Tennessee. America’s most famous haunting. Movies have been made about this haunting, books written, and stories told all over the world. Even Andrew Jackson, who stayed at John Bell’s house reportedly said that he would ‘sooner face the whole of the British Army again, than face the Bell Witch.’ What interested me about it was that after John Bell was killed by the ghost, it was reported that the ghost told those present (yes, she talked to the people she haunted) that she would return in 107 years…and that’s where we landed. 1937, the year the Bell Witch promised to return. The oldest remaining Bell descendant, Charles Bailey Bell awaits the return of the spirit that killed his ancestor.

The cast and crew as well as all the other performers in the individual events hope to see you there!