Cheer: A Redemption Year

Cassi Fabby, Writer

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Bob Jones cheerleading has come back from their deep, dark hole of unluckiness. After having 3 different coaches in the span of 3 years, the cheer team has finally found a keeper. Coach Ashley Mitchell, varsity coach, lead the team of 12 to a third place victory at the regionals competition on November 3rd. Ashley Lovelace, cheer coach of the JV team who competed in the Gameday division, brought the first place trophy home to Bob Jones.

Katie Steele, a freshman and captain of the JV team, had something to say when asked how she felt about the 1st place medal.

“I feel really happy about the result, because I actually have never won 1st place at a cheer competition before.”

The past few years, Bob Jones Cheer has struggled with competing. You could say last year had the worst of it, as multiple girls quit and got kicked off the cheer team, and the varsity team indefinitely got told they weren’t competing. This experience had a lot of the older girls feeling discouraged and hopeless for the upcoming year.

However, when the team got word that their new coach was the former coach at Austin High School, things changed. The team once again gained optimism in the new year and has had it ever since. The team runs a mile everyday in block and practices almost every weekday after school. They work incredibly hard, and it is finally starting to pay off.

Their next competition is November 15th, which decides whether or not they qualify for state. Bring your friends and family, and watch both teams fight for a spot! The competition is at the Birmingham Crossplex in Birmingham, Alabama. The JV team performs at 12:00PM and the Varsity team performs at 5:15PM.


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