Celebrating Our Counselors

Mr. Johnny Fowler and Mrs. Sonja Griffith with Superintendent Robby Parker as they are recognized by the Board of Education for receiving the counseling RAVE award. Photograph obtained from the Bob Jones High School Instagram (@bobjoneshighschool) run by Mrs. Amy Thaxton.

Dalia Altubuh, Writer, Photographer

National School Counseling Week 2019 fell between February 4-8, and was a celebration for the enormous contributions of our counselors within our schools, with everything from emotional support to guidance for our futures.

Our school has many counselors that help far more than some realize. So who are our counselors and what do they do?

Mr. Johnny Fowler is the counselor of those students whose last name starts with an “A” to “Go”. He is often times described by students as “warm-hearted,” “kind,” and “chill.” He gives people reason to smile and is always fun to converse with.

“What I like about Mr. Fowler is that he is patient, understanding, and willing to work with students,” stated Payton Gloschat.

Anaya Chambers added, “He’s nice and encourages me to take classes that will help me out in college.”

Mrs. Demarious S. Anderson is the counselor of those with “Gr” to “O” last names. She is “level-headed” and “caring” in the eyes of those she helps.

“She’s really nice and genuinely cares about my future! I appreciate that I can go to her with as many questions about college and my schedule as I need!”

“She’s very nice and actually cares about what I want my future high school career to look like. She also never pressures me to take things I don’t want to do.” stated Emilee Lamps.

Johnathan Hampton said, “Mrs. Anderson is down-to-earth and approachable. She has always helped me when I had questions concerning school schedules and possible academic opportunities.”

Mrs. Sonja Griffith is the counselor for the last names “P” through “Z”. She involves herself with organizations like SPEAK and Student To Student to help those she can to the best of her abilities. She always regarded by others as “nice,” “helpful,” and someone who makes complicated things simpler.

“She’s really helpful when it comes to advice in school or even emotionally; a while back last semester I had to go to her because something that happened in history and I went up to her and she helped me calm down. She’s fantastic!” explained Emma Leigh Wright.

“She’s really nice and amazing. She always makes making my four year plan fun and exciting,” said Hadley Rosengrant.

Dr. Stephanie Bostick is the Career and Career Advisor for Bob Jones. She is the go-to for seniors as they plan for their life beyond Bob Jones. She, with the help of Mrs. Susan Simon and Mrs. Carolyn Tolbert, runs the College and Career Center in the upstairs commons area and organizes the College and Career Fair. She arranges for college representatives from all over to the country to come and speak to students and have their questions answered to the best of her ability.

“Dr. Bostick is an absolute lifesaver. She’s always willing to meet with me and answer any questions I have about college and scholarships. Without her, I don’t know what I would have done!” explained a student. “She helped me with all of my college and scholarship applications – she helped me get into the college of my dreams.”

Mr. Tyler Alexander is in charge of helping students in emotional distress and those struggling with mental health complications. Located in the Counseling Center, he is always open for a talk with those who need them.

“It’s sad – some people don’t even realize we have someone to help you cope. If you feel overwhelmed, upset, or even suicidal, he’s there to help you,” a student said. “I think that there are some people who really do need that kind of help, but they don’t really know where to get it. That needs to be fixed.”

Without them, it is doubtful that this school would function – who else would assist new students, deal with the nightmare more commonly referred to as registration, etc.? What they contribute is immeasurable, and for that we are grateful beyond words.