Meet Rishish Narahari, The Boy With 265 Crushes

Cooper Sawyer and Riley McGraw

An urban legend… Rishish Narahari accumulated quite a fanbase since arriving from New York. A tradition of Bob Jones High School, Crushgrams, allows students to pay $1 to show their affection towards a classmate with a Crush soda and a note. Rishish’s popularity brought him many of these notes. Racking up 265 Crushgrams, Rishish received over 19 cases of the fizzy drink. All proceeds this year are going to the Manna House charity organization. 

Student Government Association did not expect the explosive popularity that Rishish received. After a while, SGA booth volunteers’ first question to potential customers was, “Is this for Rishish?” SGA President Jimmy Carter explained his thoughts about the scene with a series of ellipsis points, “… ” He went on to say that it was beneficial for Manna House and that the Rishish movement was a significant factor in the total amount of funds raised. 

Diego Candia, friend of Rishish, started the movement as a friendly joke, not knowing the snowball effect to follow. Several people decided to contribute heavily to the joke, and it gained momentum around the school. Rishish still had no idea until it was delivered.

Although it being a joke, the thought is what really counts. With over $250 dollars going toward the Manna House Food Pantry, the student body helped those in need. Hopefully, SGA continues the tradition next year and that someone tries to challenge the record of 265 Crushgrams.