SGA: Volunteering at Manna House


Zachary Johnson, Writer

The SGA volunteered at Manna House, a public charity. They helped with produce as they prepped for the Nightly Food Distribution. Local businesses, churches, civic groups, and individuals support Manna House.

Manna House has several programs that students or clubs could help with either time or donations, like Hope Bags, a program that collects items for women. These bags contain “necessities and luxuries a woman would need to feel valued during hard times.” Manna House also has a Backpack program, which packs bags with snacks and meals to help feed children in need over the weekends. Last year, Manna House packed 34,952 backpacks in Huntsville City Schools alone. There is also a Mom-to-Mom initiative to help new mothers with necessary supplies. The Nightly Food distribution program is one of Manna House’s most important programs.

“[Manna House] is just a really good organization. The day I went to take the check from our homecoming fundraisers was a day they give out groceries. They had a line around the building, and it was all races, all genders, all ages, there were families with children, there elderly, it was amazing. It was sad. We just forget that there are so many people out there who don’t have the things that we do,” Mrs. Van Dam stated.

If you’re interested in volunteering at Manna House, most volunteers serve from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM, which is when they actually feed those in need.

Jimmy Carter, SGA president, said, “I never really understood how fortunate we are and the quality of the food we take granted.”

“[I hope the SGA students learn] that the world is themselves. That’s for every student, not just SGA. Not everyone has what we have, and that you can always give back. Always,” Mrs. Van Dam continued.