BJHS Art Show 2019

Overview of the elementary art gallery.

Johnathan Hampton, Writer, Photographer

On Thursday, May 2nd, hundreds of students across Madison City Schools, from elementary to high school, were honored at Bob Jones’ bi-annual Art Show. From 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm, crowds of proud friends and family marveled at the many works that adorned the walls surrounding the auditorium, and many developing artists looked on with satisfaction at their creative development throughout their art career.

According to Mrs. Lakso, one of the coordinators of the event, artwork from approximately 1,000 students was presented at the show. Undoubtedly there were many individuals who were eager to present their hard work to friends and family. “It’s pretty neat [having my artwork showcased]!” said senior Georgie Karahalis, “I’m pretty excited to share my art with my friends and family and stuff, and I’m really proud of a lot of my work. It’s pretty exciting!”

Fellow senior Casey Kula shared similar feelings: “It feels amazing because I have worked so hard–all of us have worked so hard, especially the AP students. It just shows how art is such an important thing because all of us worked this entire semester and last semester.”

Though the art show offers a chance for students to showcase their art, it also acts as a means of exposure, a model that highlights the potential of present and future artists. “Regardless of what age or ability level [student artists] are at, they can see the progression of growth and where they are on that spectrum. Seeing more advanced art helps them set goals for what they may want to achieve in the future,” elaborated Mrs. Lakso. Students can harness, realize, and refine their potential by taking art classes at their respective school.

Sophomore Chelsey Glaspie most definitely appreciates the impact that taking art classes has made on her life. “I’ve always kind of liked art. It’s one of the main things I’ve done since I was little. [Taking art classes at school] has actually taught me a lot more because you can make art, but it’s so much more when you understand [the creative process behind doing it]. It’s more than just drawing; it teaches you how nature works, how the human body works, so it really not only just grows your ability to do art, it [also] increases your ability to interpret art and use that meaning for yourself.”

For some, art has not only become a means of expression and self-betterment but also a means of relieving stress. Georgie appreciates the calmness that comes with “[sitting] down and [focusing] on one thing for a long time,” and she also loves the sense of individuality that art offers her. Casey also enjoys the soothing qualities of art; it allows her to clear her mind and express the many ideas stored within her mind.

Moreover, taking art classes in school has helped some students gain a greater appreciation for those who inspired them to embark on their creative journey. For Casey, art has strengthened her connection to her mother, who is a private music teacher. Seeing her mother following her passion in art, something that “is normally criticized in general,” has influenced her decision to pursue her artistic ambitions. “It’s good to know that there are people out there who are doing music and art majors and are able to express themselves while making money,” Casey said.

For Chelsey, her guiding light was her older sister. “When I was younger she used to always show me her art, and I used to think it was cool, and she would teach me things. It just kind of stuck with me.”

As for fellow artist Georgie, her inspiration comes from visiting numerous art museums and also from her grandfather, who was a comic book artist. “I like to think that some of his artistic talent was passed down to me,” she explained.

In all, the Bob Jones Art Show offers more than what meets the eye. Though it is an entertaining event for art experts and aficionados alike, it also serves as a milestone for many aspiring art students. It is an event that inspires as much as it encourages self-reflection–an important celebration, to say the least, that will continue to lead students young and old alike down their own creative journey.